Mark hebblewhite a creative marketer, designer, videographer, photographer and frontend coder - who develops high-quality content for businesses. He has worked with many well-known household brands and publications. 

From brand direction, strategy, Writing copy to IMPLEMENTATION

Brand & Marketing

Brand Development
Brand Building

Having worked with many great brands, helping them develop their brand effectiveness has been a great learning curve. I’ve learned that brand encompasses the whole experience for potential customers/customers and that every touch point needs to be included. I help with the discovery of these touch-points to creating a brand experience.

Campaign Management
Campaign Management

Juggling with many different product campaigns can be very hard; however, if done correctly and planned out well – a campaign can run smoothly. Not each campaign is successful as the previous campaign, but we learn from those that are not – gaining stronger campaign traction for the next one.


Having an understanding of what drives my clients products is imperative to plan their marketing efforts. A clear roadmap is required, a deep understanding of personas and how we will deliver our marketing budgets to be effective. My strategic approach encompasses digital and traditional marketing.

Marketing Roadmap
Content Creation

For me I love to dip and dive into content creation, whether it’s video, podcasts, online content, illustrations or photography. I still believe in the cliché that we have all heard: “Content is King”, but it couldn’t be more true and allows us to take a zeitgeist attitude to develop more interesting ways of delivering interesting content.

Content Creation

Podcasts for your Company

Podcasts are a great way of adding to your marketing mix, they enable quick updates and allows your clients to listen to you on the move. I have all the kit to help you get going.

The podcasts I have created are for the financial industry and I am not allowed to publish them on my website, so I created this one with me talking about marketing. 

Marketing Skills

I started marketing at quite a young age, promoting clubs, restaurants and various other businesses. This also went hand-in-hand with website design and the technicalities around it. I have managed large budgets – small budgets, medium sized teams - small teams, created strategies, campaigns and coached many digital marketers in understanding how to join all their online embassies to greater affect. Okay – no secret that I love tech and analytics – but used in conjunction with marketing, then you have got me buzzing with excitement. I’ve been pretty blessed with the companies I have worked with and the trust they have given me in handling their marketing. I like to think that I provide a strategic approach that simply works. Also, I seem to spend my free time studying new ways to put products into the market place. 

creative direction


digital & traditional marketing


Online advertising




Designed fully responsive, mobile-ready websites

Websites Design

Customer journey

Before I start designing a website, it is important that I do a deep-dive in understanding what the client requires, if it’s a large company then it will involve many heads of department and even across teams. The key here is to gain a good understanding of my clients’ customer. I can then work on creating the best customer journey for them.

technical specification

Each company has a very different approach to when it comes to the technology to be used for their website, could be Microsoft to Linux based systems – each have their own merits, but choosing the right one to work with the right CMS is key. Then I can translate the selected path to the developers and project managers.


Obviously this is the fun bit, this is where I take all the ideas that have been generated through the many meetings and create something that is appealing to the customer and client; something that’ll work across all mediums and deliver the company’s brand message and provide a good ROI (the later being extremely important).


I have actually built over 300 websites (many of these have won awards) from big brands names to small new brands. This means that I have a full understanding on how best to deliver a website: technically and delivery timings, hence a few companies have been happy for me to project manage their website projects, which I've always delivered.

Website Design Skills

In 1996 the first internet café opened in London, that café blow me away and I gave everything up to learn more and became one of the first web designers in the UK, somehow – I managed to write a training course which the government felt fit to add it into the national curriculum. My clients over the years have included: Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Lexus, Fidelity Investments, Jupiter Asset Management, Canada Life and lots more. I like the design side and equally the coding side, which is like doing a complex jigsaw - hopefully with no pieces missing. I can code in HTML+, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and knowledge of many others. Code is pretty logical stuff.

customer journey






javascript - JQuery


from storyboarding, scripting, videography & editing


YouTube Video Creation
Youtube/Linkedin videos

Come on let’s have some fun and create something that is educational and will attract potential clients. These can be ever so simple to create and do not require being high production – it’s about the information we provide the viewer and how we push that content up in rankings.

Corporate Video
corporate videos

I have created many of these over the years, from the simple corporate update to more complex comedic style videos. This has been proven to be successful for every company I have produced these for and I cannot see that changing. Great for YouTube, LinkedIn or on your own website. 

Animation Explainer Videos
animated videos

These videos are a great way to pass on your knowledge to a wider audience. I translate complex technical briefs into simple to understand scripts, which I storyboard up and deliver both script and storyboard to a specialist animator. Luckily I know a good animator.

events / video stings

This is actually how I started in creating videos, I wanted to create something more interesting for corporate events, so started to make video intro stings. These became extremely popular and proved to be successful. This intern lead to me also videoing the events.





script writing




From corporate photography to product


Corporate Portraits

Corporate or Personal Brand is very important and every company I have worked with has requested for to take their corporate photographs – helping them keep a consistent brand across their embassies: website, social media, print and national press.

Brochure Photography
Brochure Photography

I have often been briefed to take a photograph for a specific piece of content; this can be a simple studio style shot or location shot. You never know where this will take you and can be great fun.

Events Coverage

Many companies hold events, whether it’s an internal event or an external event. These are terribly important for them to be recorded as they are usually brand rich events and nowadays can be used across all forms of media - online, inline or print.

Corporate Events Coverage

These are usually created to support a brief given to me by a writer, usually for a digital or print magazine. Each piece can be an excellent way of telling a story.

Editorial Photography

Photography Skills

Photography has always been a hobby for me, even though it is one hobby that has paid for itself. When I left college I went to work for a camera shop and was taught how to use a camera correctly, and for a while after that I worked as a music photography journalist. I also opened a photography studio in central London and gained many notable clients: Channel 4’s ‘How to Look Good Naked’ the Gok Wan TV series, Codemasters ‘Colin McRae Rally’ Game and Corgi Gas. As a hobby this skill has been used across the many companies that I have worked for – in fact all companies I’ve worked for. So - not a bad hobby to have. 

photography & lighting








from illustration to t-shirt design

Graphic Design

Citizenship by Investment Programme
Page Layout
Adobe InDesign - Photoshop - Illustrator

I can’t say that graphic design is my strongest skill, but I can pretty much get on with it and haven’t had any clients get upset with me. These tasks usually come up when their main graphic designer is on vacation, ill or they need some help. Always happy to jump in and flex that muscle when required.

Microsoft PowerPoint Design
Business Deck Design Layout
PowerPoint - Illustrator - Photoshop

Interestingly, I’ve always enjoyed creating presentations – where many hate doing them. Using my creative skills to get the message across is fun. I like creating a strong branded slides and simple to read content – usually cutting down on very long-winded content. This makes it a lot more interesting for the viewer.

Adobe Photoshop - Illustrator

Explaining complex issues via an infographic is imperative nowadays, whether it’s on a presentation or for use across various online platforms. These have always proved to be popular.

Digital Infographics
Logo Design
Adobe Illustrator

People just assume that I can create their logos for them and over the years have been asked many times – they seem pretty happy with the outcome, but trust me – these can take a lot of back-and-fourth to get it right. We are talking about the beginning of a brand and as such - it needs to be right.

Graphic Design Skills

I’ve been using the Adobe Suite for many years and as a designer, I’m inspired by many great designers of the past (okay – I have a stack of books that I spend hours prowling through) – I would often use these inspirations to create websites and in turn would also replicate many designs as a form of deconstruction, gaining a better understanding on how they designed them. This meant learning InDesign and Illustrator. I find that it is always good to play around with design ideas and learn new applications.









Clients I've Worked With

Over the years I have been lucky to work with some of the most wonderful companies, who have allowed me to help grow their brands. Here are a few I have worked with.

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